A client cannot access my gallery/download.

There can be several reasons for this error:

1. Disabled cookies for you or your clients:

Make sure that cookies are activated in your browser and that your clients have also activated cookies for picdrop. Access to password-protected areas is not possible without cookies. Alternatively, deactivate the password to allow your client access to the gallery.

2. Completely outdated browsers:

Some clients, especially in large corporations, unfortunately still use completely outdated browsers. The reason for this is usually strict security regulations from the IT department. They like to use "secure" old browsers instead of laboriously converting all computers in a company to newer, modern browsers. We try hard to get picdrop to work on ancient browsers, but we can't guarantee it on browsers that are ten years old. If your client might have this problem, simply ask him to use another browser.

3. Very sharp security settings:

Large companies and corporations, especially in the banking, aviation and pharmaceutical sectors, extremely protect their employees' PCs from external dangers such as viruses or unknown websites with potential traps. This often means that only a handful of websites can be accessed. All other pages, whether news, football or image transfer pages, i.e. picdrop, will then remain blocked or only function incompletely. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this. If your company or your client's company is affected, a discreet hint to the IT department will help to put picdrop on the "Whitelist".