picdrop’s Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode puts your images front and center! No selections, no color flags, no comments. Instead, a huge selection of customizable settings to personalize the look of your gallery!

Presentation Mode is perfect for weddings, events, and any other occasion where it's all about your images and you don’t want to use the handy features of our Edit Mode.

But don't worry: You can let your clients switch to Edit Mode at any time. And of course you can also activate downloads in Presentation Mode!

How do you activate Presentation Mode?

In the gallery settings of each gallery just activate Presentation Mode in the tab that is also named Presentation Mode. If you send the link to your clients, they will immediately see your gallery in the beautiful Presentation Mode!

If you want, you can also allow your clients to switch from Presentation Mode to the convenient Edit Mode. You can set up a PIN to only allow the switch for certain visitors.

For example, you can allow your wedding couple to switch to the Edit Mode with the PIN, so that they can use the color flags for their favorite images. The guests of the wedding don't get the PIN and can only see the images in the beautiful Presentation Mode!

The design settings for Presentation Mode in detail

The Opener

For the full-screen opener (aka "header image") of your galleries, you can set these properties:

Alternative heading

Here you can define which text should be displayed as title of your gallery. By default this is the name of the gallery you set when you first created it. With the alternative heading you "overwrite" this name and can set your own text for the header. You can also use emojis and various special characters in this mode! picdrop & Presentation Mode = ❤️

Font Type

Sometimes a nice squiggly font is just what your images need! Sometimes, on the other hand, there is a need for sans-serif straightforwardness. Here's where you set the font for your gallery title.

Font Size

Here you can choose if you want your gallery title to be discreetly small, medium or very large. 

Font Color

For a light title image you can choose a dark font and vice versa: choose a light font for a dark title image.

Position of the gallery title

Here you can set where exactly the gallery name or the alternative title will be displayed on the header image. You can choose between 9 positions and find the perfect place where the text harmonizes with your header image.

Image Previews

Below the settings for the opener you will find the settings for the image previews - i.e. for the gallery view that your clients see directly below the title image:

Image Size

You can determine the first impression of your images by the size of your thumbnails.

Image Spacing

Sometimes images need a little more "air" to be impressive. Therefore, you can choose the distance between the thumbnails in the gallery between "small", "medium" and "large". 

Background color of the gallery

Choose if the background color of your gallery should be bright (white), dark (black) or with a subtle tint. With the dimmed color you can achieve slight nuances of the dark and light version respectively and thus adjust the overall tone of your gallery to the image content and your personal CI. The color you set here will of course also be displayed as background in the large single image view.

Rounded or square borders

You can change the general appearance of the thumbnails, text fields, buttons etc. between "square" and "round".

Save your Presentation Mode Design as a Default Gallery Setting

Of course, you don't have to set all those settings from scratch every time! You can save them in your default gallery settings as usual: This way, every newly created gallery automatically starts with your very own personal gallery look!

Your galleries look great in Presentation Mode

Discover what is possible with the settings of picdrop’s Presentation Mode:

PS: You can use Presentation Mode in your picdrop account in the Pro plan and in the Business plan. You are not yet in one of those plans? Here you can change at any time: Your Plan

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