Making image transfer easy and beautiful

  • Drag & drop your images
  • Share gallery links with your clients
  • Let them select, comment, download etc.
  • Build an archive of every job
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More than 680 million images sent!

Over 90,000 creatives use PicDrop to let their clients download, select, vote, comment and much more.

PicDrop is the ideal transfer and collaboration tool for photographers, designers and teams or small companies!

Powerful features – easy to use

Pain free collaboration mode

Your clients can easily select their favorite shots by using our intuitive color markings, image comments and other collaboration features. By only activating the features you need it always keeps simple.

Beautiful presentation mode

Finally present your work the way it deserves! You can customize every gallery to your needs and your clients can easily switch to the powerful edit mode when needed.

Massive time saver

Find your client's favorites in seconds! Just filter them in Lightroom, C1 or on your hard drive. No more searching for individual filenames, no more annoying emails and endless calls over image selections.

Built by creatives for creatives

PicDrop is the brainchild of two Pros: a photographer and a designer. We know what you need and just build it. It’s that simple.

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Helping world-class teams work faster together.

What others are saying:

Picdrop manages to take to simple idea of sharing images to a new level, I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner.

Bryan Adams

My clients love the intuitive way to select their favorites and participate remotely on my photo shoots. It’s a game changer!

Claudia Gödke
Food Photographer

Intuitive, super fast uploads and downloads and my clients love the easy handling. Did anyone say game-changer, yet?

David Daub
Ad photographer

Work smarter.

We built a lot of cool features to make your life easier. This could be your new way of working...


    Real time

    All actions are immediately visible for everyone and trackable by you.


    High speed

    Super fast uploads and downloads, instant zip file creation.


    Easy access

    All you & your clients need is a browser. No logins, no installation needed.


    All formats

    Our image engine loves to snack whatever you feed: JPG, PSD, RAW, TIFF etc... We can handle it.


    Everything, always

    Easy and fast access to your whole archive. Our powerful search is there for you.


    Total control

    Adjust any gallery and it’s features within seconds. No matter what your client needs.

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PicDrop is not just for freelancers.
Thousands of companies, NGOs and creative teams use PicDrop as their lightweight DAM solution.
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