We are not a startup.

Even though we look like one.


We are working on picdrop.com, a browser-based service that enables professional photographers, designers, agencies, and companies to share images and work on edits without the usual pain of services like Dropbox, WeTransfer etc..

We’re not a startup.

It is quite easy to mistakenly assume that PicDrop is a typical startup. But as a privately owned company, we don’t have to please any external investors and instead prefer to grow from within ourselves. That gives us the chance to follow our own long-term plan and avoid a lot of typical startup madness. Instead, we use all our energy to work on our tool and create a healthy and inviting work environment. Also, this gives us the chance to say no to a lot of things that don’t match with our view on how people and business should behave.

How we work.

We strive for a relaxed atmosphere, bright and friendly workplace and a positive working culture.

We avoid boring, time-consuming meetings as best as we can. To make this possible, we rely on collaborative tools and asynchronous communication. At least we try our best. 😉

Furthermore, we believe in short decision paths and co-creation.

Home office is just fine.

Also, PicDrop is home-office-friendly. Even though we have a very nice office, we believe that the work from home has the same value as working in our office.

Late hours, overtime and other nonsense.

We don’t want you to work overtime or do any all-nighters. In the rare case, you do work overtime, because your want or need something to be finished, make sure to compensate for that time within the next days and weeks. Take your time, we don’t want you to burn out. Also, make sure to discuss within your team how the team can help you to avoid working overtime in the future.

Grow with us!

While we are actively working on the internationalization of PicDrop we also want you to become better and grow with us. This is why we spent time and money to learn new stuff by visiting workshops and conferences, reading books etc… Tell us what you want to learn and we will try to make it possible.

We allow ourselves to make mistakes.

Of course, no one likes mistakes. But we also strongly believe that only a place where you don’t get judged for making a mistake encourages a culture of exploration and finding exciting new ways to solve problems. Also, we are humans. Humans make mistakes. Get over it and continue.

Where we (don’t) spend our money.

Due to our long-term approach, contracts with us are fairly paid and not limited in time, of course.

We don’t spend money on stuff like table soccer or a hip chef, who in the end only make sure that you hang around the office longer. But of course, we have a nice kitchen, the unavoidable fridge with free drinks and fresh fruit for the team.

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