Tobias Schult uses PicDrop

Thanks to PicDrop, I can work together with colleagues and customers on a production line while on the road.

Tobias is an Advertising and Editorial Photographer in Berlin and uses PicDrop primarily for his advertising productions for clients such as SIXT, Deutsche Post, Jung von Matt, and Freixenet. He handles his castings, the mood-finding for a new shooting and much more via his PicDrop account.

“Productions become easier for me and once my customers have used PicDrop, they don’t want to do without it…”
“With PicDrop I have everything from my productions in one place and accessible to everyone. Call sheets, moods, the photos, RAWs and also the fine-tuning and finished post-production images.”
“It is now easier for me to work with all project participants on the road without constantly sending large data by e-mail, etc… Together we work on the same project from different locations. This saves a lot of time and annoying emails.”