Neil Kremer uses PicDrop

It really can't get any easier for me or my clients!

Neil Kremer from Los Angeles, California is half of the ultimate duo Kremer|Johnson! He uses PicDrop with all their biggest clients from Visa, DirecTV, Braun, Bulletproof Coffee and much more!

It can’t get any easier! My clients absolutely love it and want to know how to get their hands on it.


When delivering images to his clients, their response has never been anything short of great! The easy to use URL and selection process has made the process great for both parties. The clients themselves are asking him how they’re able to get it for themselves.

Everything is really dialed in! I don’t even have any suggestions!


When asked about his feedback on PicDrop, the only request Neil had was being able to upload from Lightroom. To his surprise, we were able to tell Neil not only do we have a Lightroom plugin but also an FTP plugin. Once he found out we had both of these, there wasn’t really anything else he could ask for!

When recommending PicDrop to his fellow colleagues, all he really has to say is to take a look at PicDrop and that typically seals the deal! They too become hooked on our tool and become lifetime fans. Thank you, Neil!