Murat Aslan uses PicDrop

Picdrop gives me more time to do other things.

Murat is an enthusiastic Advertising Photographer, but he also loves to just finish work and spend time with his family. Thanks to PicDrop, the majority of the daily annoying administrative work is no longer necessary. PicDrop facilitates Murat’s communication with model agents, advertising agencies and production companies: “Castings are a snap thanks to the upload for third parties! I get an email immediately after e.g. a model agency has uploaded their Sed Cards. My inbox is no longer clogged up by annoying, oversized emails and my customers can immediately access my casting selection, have their say and vote.” Instead of always taking the detour via Murat, everyone involved can now work together directly on the next shoot.

“Art buyers from agencies love working with me through the system. PicDrop itself is invisible to them and my customers are thrilled.”
“I have all my current projects and jobs available online at any time and can also send them out on the road or work on them. At the same time, I am able to decide what my customers are allowed or not allowed to see in individual galleries.”
“I can finally create galleries using drag and drop without having to go through other programs like Lightroom.”
“I can collect my ideas, model suggestions and much more directly online. I can share and discuss them with everyone involved in a shooting and collect suggestions from others. This is unbeatably time-saving. From preparation, casting and shooting to the final data transmission, everything runs on one platform. And my customers, agencies, production companies are always up to date thanks to PicDrop, without sending annoying e-mails back and forth”.
“I love the simple coordination with my image editor. The data exchange is fast and the picture display is colorfast.”