Katja Kuhl uses PicDrop

With PicDrop I know where my pictures are and who is responsible. This is important to me when dealing with sensitive customers.

What Katja particularly likes about PicDrop:

  • “My customers find it great to be able to communicate easily about the pictures and to write comments on each photo. They can also easily mark images and create their own selections with their favorites and share them with their colleagues. We all save a lot of time!”
  • “Data security is important to me. I think it’s good that PicDrop is a small, trustworthy company that guarantees privacy and data security. The operators can be contacted personally at any time. That’s why I entrust this platform more with my previews, which have not yet been released by the customer, than with a huge American company where you don’t have a personal contact person.”

Katja Kuhl works successfully as a photographer and video director. In addition to others, she works with Sido, Tokio Hotel, Annett Luisan, Culcha Candela and for large advertising clients like Dove and the GEZ. Photographically she feels particularly comfortable in the world of musicians and actors and now only sends her pictures to them via PicDrop.

I even recommend PicDrop to my students!


As a lecturer, she even recommends PicDrop to her students. It is the many little things that Katja appreciates about PicDrop. “The operation is simple and intuitive. I can provide images in a reasonable preview size for download and don’t have to worry about monitor resolution and browser display, because PicDrop does it all automatically.”

Katja uses Picdrop mainly to present the previews to her customers and finally has the kind of web gallery she has wanted for years.