Claudia Gödke uses PicDrop

My customers are impressed with PicDrop. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Claudia Gödke is a trained photographer and at the same time an enthusiastic cook. Early in her photographic training, she noticed that both passions complement each other perfectly. She now works successfully as a food photographer for clients such as tip, sisterMAG, AIYA, Zabert Sandmann, tea exclusive, Old El Paso, Burda, FELD, unlike, Swooned and much more… The entire processing of her productions and the delivery of the final image data runs via PicDrop. She especially likes the display of customer events like the downloads or the exact visitors of the galleries that appeal to her. Typically Claudi’s customers would say “put the pictures into Dropbox” instead now she says “I’ll send you a link, the rest is self-explanatory” all through PicDrop.

Claudi’s main reasons for PicDrop:

“Finally a well thought out and clear solution in a beautiful design and without unnecessary bells and whistles!”
“The ability to “resubmit” images without having to upload all images again or send my client new links, is very convenient. And the customer no longer has to download unnecessary amounts of data, but can look at the photos directly in the browser.”
“It’s always fascinating to see my customers marking pictures live!”
“Thanks to password protection, the data is so secure that I can even use it to send my private pictures.”