Installing Web Integration

What is the web integration?

Are you already a proud owner of your own website, operated on your own webspace? Perfect! With our web integration, you can ensure that your customers can access their PicDrop galleries from your own domain.

Technical Requirements

Prerequisite for the web integration is your own webspace or server (Apache) with PHP support, as well as your own domain, which refers to your web space.

Installation Instructions

For this installation guide, you need a basic understanding of the operation of a website. If you have nothing to do with your website and would rather have your webmaster do such things, we recommend that you send them the ZIP file and a reference to this manual. The installation should be done quickly for them.

In your account settings, go to your installation options and choose whether you want to install our web integration as a subfolder on your website (Path 1), or whether you prefer to use a subdomain or the main folder of your website (Path 2).

Path 1: Installation as a subfolder

  1. Enter the desired subfolder and click on “Download Web Integration”.
  2. Unzip your downloaded PicDrop ZIP file.
  3. Log in to your own web server via FTP.
  4. Go to your root directory, the directory where the index.hml or index.php file of your website is located. (You should never overwrite this file!)
  5. Load the complete PicDrop folder into this exact directory.
  6. Important: Make sure to upload the complete folder, not just the file in the folder!
  7. Name (Or replace “picdrop” here with the name of the previously desired folder)
  8. Your galleries are now available at
  9. Bookmark this URL, so that you can access PicDrop from now on.
  10. All set!

Path 2: Installation as a subdomain or in the main folder

  1. Select “Installation under a subdomain or in the main folder” and click on  “Download web integration”.
  2. Unzip your downloaded PicDrop ZIP file.
  3. Log in to your own web server via FTP.
  4. Name the desired directory where you want your PicDrop to be available.
  5. Load the contents of your PicDrop folder into exactly this directory.
  6. Call the desired URL.
  7. Your galleries are now available at this address.
  8. Bookmark this URL, so that you can access PicDrop from now on.
  9. All set!

Is that it?


Important Notice

Please continue uploading your images to your PicDrop space after installation and not to your own server. The web integration just installed there “only” represents a kind of redirection to PicDrop, which ensures that you can use PicDrop with your own address. PicDrop itself continues to run on our secure servers.

How do I get rid of web integration?

If you rather use PicDrop via our default URL, simply delete the folder from your web space. However, this is not absolutely necessary, since it is sufficient to name your PicDrop via your PicDrop URL to get the normal address displayed again in the “Send” area. If you still see a web integration URL there, you can reset the address in your PicDrop account settings in the website section with one click. The corresponding browser cookie that specifies the address should now be deleted and the original PicDrop URL should be displayed.