How to install my Lightroom plugin for PicDrop?

Download the Plugin

Go to “Account Settings” in your PicDrop account and download the plugin under “Your Lightroom FTP Plugin”. Save the ZIP to your hard drive, preferably in a place where you won’t accidentally delete it later. You can place the plugin in the same location where you already save your Lightroom library. Your Lightroom installation folder or Dropbox is also a good place.

There you unpack the zip file. The result is a file called “picdrop_ftp_upload.lrplugin”, which you simply leave there.

Install the Plugin

  • Launch Lightroom
  • Open the “Plugin Manager”. (Under “File” – “Plugin Manager”)
  • At the bottom left you will see the option to “Add”
  • Search for the saved plugin “picdrop_ftp_upload.lrplugin” and confirm your selection.
  • Close the Add-on Module Manager, leaving the “Export” area open. Configure the plugin.

Here’s what you should see now:

Select “PicDrop FTP Upload” in the upper area instead of “Hard Disk”…
… and then click on “User-defined settings” in the “FTP Server” section.

Select “Edit…” and fill in the following fields exactly as shown below.

Now do not click on “OK” but on “Preset” at the top.

Select there “Save current settings as new default…“.

Enter “Picdrop” and click on “Create“. Then click “OK“.

Upload first pictures:

You can now mark images in Lightroom at any time and upload them directly to your PicDrop account using the “Export” function. All you have to do is select “PicDrop FTP Upload” as your destination and make the usual settings for image size, sharpness, etc. Note that Picdrop is selected as the target server and you must enter the name of the gallery to which you want to upload the images. Please always enter the gallery name in the pattern shown below and not the secure link or similar shortcuts. Of course, you can also create a new gallery. All you have to do is type in the wanted gallery name. Subfolders (folder/subfolders) can also be created. You are completely free in the naming and arrangement of your gallery folders.


The destination folder “Wedding
The destination subfolder “Wedding/Cake”


PLEASE NOTE: Do not use special characters (&, $, /, é, à, etc…) or umlauts (ä,ö,ü) in folder names.

P.S. The plugin is not absolutely necessary to use PicDrop. You can also upload images at any time via drag&drop or your own FTP access. But it is practical!