PicDrop Features

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What is PicDrop?

PicDrop is a service that makes it easier for you to send pictures. Within seconds, you create galleries with tons of practical functions for your clients. You alone determine which functions your clients are allowed to use.

Who are you guys?

PicDrop was founded by professional photographer Andreas Chudowski and designer Tobias Friese. Andreas was so frustrated with all the other solutions that we decided to do something better. Together we know what professionals really need and are already making life easier for over 70,000 users. Click here to learn more about us.

Simple folder structure

Your PicDrop galleries are based on a folder system as you know it from your PC. With just one click you can create new folders and upload images to them. These folders automatically become galleries with many functions. The galleries in return become links that can be sent to your clients in any way imaginable.

You decide what happens

Each gallery shows your client only the exact functions you want to provide for them. So you decide at any time whether your client can download the images, create image selections or rate and comment on images. (And much more…)

Download single or as ZIP

Your clients can download their pictures individually, as ZIP or in selections. PicDrop creates these ZIPs fully automatically and always up-to-date.

This allows you to update galleries very easily and you never have to zip and upload images again.

Super easy image upload

PicDrop offers you many convenient ways to quickly upload your images. You alone decide how you want to work.

Upload in the browser using Drag & Drop
e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser

Upload in the FTP program of your choice
e.g. Cyberduck, Filezilla Transmit, Forklift, and all other FTP tools.

Upload from all major photo tools that support FTP
e.g. Photo Mechanic, Lightroom and many more.

Upload directly from Lightroom
With our export plugin, you can upload images directly from Lightroom to PicDrop and use your time wisely during the process. Annoying intermediate steps are eliminated.

Easy delivery to your clients

Every gallery automatically gets its own beautiful web address, which you can send in no time. Your clients do not need passwords, login data or software. A click on your link will open the gallery in your internet browser.

Sending a link is done directly from PicDrop. Of course, you can also send your own emails, send over messenger, or any other way you’d like.

Selections, markers & comments

Your clients can select their favorites directly in the browser, mark pictures in color and leave comments. This finally allows easy collaboration and decision making in different phases of a project.

Never search for images again

In seconds you can use PicDrop to filter out your clients’ image selections directly in Lightroom, Capture One, Finder or Explorer and continue working – the annoying search for each individual file is no longer necessary.

Send and view all image formats

PicDrop swallows all image formats and displays them as properly converted: JPGs, TIFFs, PSDs, PDFs – you can even send RAW files without any problems.

This makes PicDrop perfect for a collaboration with image editors, agencies, and your employees.

Your own URL

So that your clients and partners don’t notice anything, the whole service runs, if necessary, under your own address. (e.g. www.yourwebsite.de/clients/)

If you’d like, you can hide PicDrop and your clients will love what practical “software” you offer them.

Download single or as ZIP

Your clients can download images individually or as a packed ZIP file with one click. ZIPs are always up to date and are automatically updated each time a picture is uploaded or deleted.

You decide if downloads are possible or if the pictures are only displayed.

True color display

PicDrop always displays your pictures perfectly.

All your images are carefully converted to sRGB for viewing in the browser. Images in different color modes such as AdobeRGB and CMYK look perfect on your clients’ monitors.

Your original pictures and the downloads for your clients will, of course, remain untouched.

Full resolution without limits

You can upload images in any resolution and make them available to your clients. PicDrop automatically calculates matching thumbnails, no matter how large your data is.

Whether you would like to make the pictures available to your clients in the uploaded resolution for download, you can set in each gallery specifically. Practical, isn’t it?

PicDrop is real-time and control

Everything that happens in your galleries is always live and immediately visible on your clients’ screens and vice versa. This allows you to work perfectly together, for example during a phone call. Everything is tracked in the notification list to the exact second. Fresh image uploads and image markings are also shared live with your clients in their browser.

The practical notification display allows you to track at any time whether your client has already viewed or downloaded his images or whom you can help with a selection, for example. If required, you will also receive this information by email and can soon decide between an immediate delivery or a daily summary.

Receive images from clients

If you would like, your clients can also upload pictures via Drag & Drop in the browser. No software installation is required.

PicDrop is therefore perfect for collaborating with professional image editors, agencies or after events with several photographers.

Flexible galleries

Each one of your galleries is always highly flexible and only shows exactly what you want. You can quickly determine which functions your clients can and cannot use.

This allows you to target each of your clients and allow individual clients to view, select or comment only, for example. You can enable or disable downloads.

So you always have control and can change all settings at any time.

Two examples:

Client 1, great trust:
You have known this client for a long time, he is reliable and you trust him. When you switch on the downloads your client can now download individual images specifically or all together as a ZIP. As soon as he visits the gallery and downloads pictures, you will be notified in your notifications.

Client 2, narrow choice and less trust:
This client gets 10 of 200 pictures shot. He should be able to select these himself, but only download them after you have edited and replaced the 10 selected images in peace, so you switch off the downloads and activate them only after successful transfer of his invoice. Until then, the user can view the images in the browser, but cannot download them. With the activated selection function he will let you know which 10 pictures he would like to have.

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