Presentation View

What is the Presentation View?

The Presentation View is a new view trimmed to a pure presentation. It is perfect for weddings, events and other picture presentations.

What exactly is different about this view?

Your gallery is beautifully trimmed in the Presentation View. The range of functions is reduced to the most necessary to avoid distraction from the most important things, your images. What remains is a pure, beautiful view gallery without annoying sidebar, with impressive, large cover photo, larger preview images, horizontal navigation, large gallery title, bright image view and so on. Only the download function is left if you have enabled it in the Gallery Settings.

The presentation view explained in a video (German only)

Where can I activate the Presentation View?

The presentation can be activated in your gallery settings. If this setting is activated, your gallery will be displayed in the Presentation View when your client opens it.

How can I test the Presentation View myself as an admin?

After you have activated the Presentation View in the Gallery Settings, the gallery looks the same as before. To test the new view, click on “Client View” in the upper right corner. There the gallery will appear exactly as your client will see it when opening the gallery.

Can my clients still create image selections, comment on images and so on?

The Presentation View is used for pure presentation and download of your pictures. If you want to give your clients more functions, you can activate the “Allow switch to edit view” function in your “Gallery Settings”. If this point is active, your clients can switch to the usual view by clicking a button on the bottom left corner of their browser. There you will find all the practical functions of PicDrop that you already know. All gallery settings you set still apply here. With another click, your clients can return to the presentation view at any time.

How can my clients hide certain images?

To allow your clients to hide certain pictures, activate the functions “Allow switch to edit view” and “Do not show red flagged images”. Your clients can now switch to the editing view and highlight images they want to hide in red. These marked images are automatically hidden in the Presentation View.