Which keyboard shortcuts does PicDrop support?

With PicDrop you can also use shortcuts. This saves you a lot of time and it is also much easier for your clients to make a selection quickly. Here are the most important shortcuts and key combinations:

When images are open

You can use these keyboard shortcuts in the large image view:

Space Bar Next Picture
0 Remove image marker
1 Mark image red
2 Mark image orange
3 Mark image green
4 Mark image as final
S Add image to image selection
D Download image
M Magnifier
Tab Fullscreen
R + Enter Delete Image

In the image overview

In the overview of all images within a gallery, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts if you hover your mouse over an image at the same time without clicking on it.

1 Mark image in red
2 Mark image in orange
3 Mark image in green
4 Mark image as final
Spacebar Show picture info
S Add image to image selection
D Download picture
Cmd + A Add all currently displayed images to image selection
Cmd + D Deselect all currently selected images

Please note, the mouse is not used for selecting/deselecting all images (last two shortcuts).