The Lightroom upload does not work.

The following message appears

Unable to upload because Lightroom cannot ascertain if the target destination exists.

The reason for this in most cases with incorrectly entered FTP access data and similar. To eliminate the error to 100% we have here a checklist, which you should go through point by point, no matter how funny or nonsense some steps may seem to you.

  1. Make sure that you really entered as the server and not just
  2. Make sure you have entered your username correctly. You can find the username here.
  3. When exporting files from Lightroom, make sure you selected “PicDrop” in the “Target Server” section (at the bottom). Please read our installation instructions very, very carefully, as such important details can be quickly overlooked.
  4. Please change your password in your PicDrop account settings and then adjust the FTP settings in Lightroom. (Do not forget to save!) This option prevents typing and copying errors.
  5. Check if you use unusual special characters like “&” or similar in the gallery name. If so, please try it without this sign.
  6. Try to switch your connection from FTP (port 21) to SFTP (port 22), or vice versa if you already use SFTP. Please do not forget to save the settings.
  7. Make sure you are not using any form of firewall or programs such as “Little Snitch” that block your connection. Disable these for testing purposes to see if it works without them.

Is nothing still helping?

In this case, it is very likely that your ISP has blocked the FTP Port. This is occasionally the case in public WLANs, in hotels and holiday homes, at airports etc… Or a bad Internet provider. Some providers want to prevent the misuse of “their” Internet connection, but unfortunately also block serious services such as your upload. Please try SFTP and port 22 (see point 6).

An alternative?

Have you already looked for another internet connection or just tested it with friends, colleagues or neighbors? We also recommend that you upload via your browser. This cannot be blocked and thanks to our convenient drag & drop upload this should be very easy for you. If none of this works, just write us at and we’ll see how we can help you.