How do I create a client login?

If you have decided to enable your customer’s access to PicDrop, you can allow this in your account settings within the customer access (BETA) section.

Enter the name and a clear, unambiguous access code that your customer can use to open the account later. Additionally, you can also leave an e-mail address and an internal note for yourself. The e-mail address is currently not used, but optional automatic notifications to your customers are planned for a later version, so it makes sense to store them now.

You have now created the customer account, but have not yet added a gallery to the account.

Please click on “Add/remove galleries” and select the galleries your customer is allowed to see after entering their password.

ATTENTION: Please also read our other customer access notes, which describe why they are in a BETA stage and do not necessarily make sense for all your customers. Click here for more information.