Can I get an invoice without VAT?

This depends on where you live or where your business is registered. We orientate ourselves by the address given by you to PicDrop. Here are the rules:

If you live within Germany, we are not allowed to issue an invoice without VAT under any circumstances, regardless of whether you have a VAT identification number.

If you live outside the EU, you will automatically receive a net invoice, i.e. without VAT.

If you live within the EU (but outside Germany), we can issue an invoice without VAT if you have entered your VAT identification number before creating the invoice. If you enter the sales tax identification number after the first invoice, this rule only applies to all invoices that follow in the future.

If you live within the EU (but outside Germany) and do not enter a sales tax identification number, you will always receive an invoice with VAT. This VAT varies from country to country and is based entirely on your place of residence.

Exceptions to these legal regulations are not possible.

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