PicDrop’s new design features

New, powerful settings allow you to customize all details of your galleries and create your very own gallery look for the Presentation Mode now. In usual PicDrop tradition, everything remains as easy and fast to use as you know it. Below you’ll find all the new settings:

Part 1: The Opener

For the fullscreen opener (aka “header image”) you can now chose the following new settings:

✅ Alternative heading
Finally you can “overwrite” the name of your gallery in the header image by entering an alternative heading. Afterwards it will be displayed instead of the gallery name in the header image.

✅ Positioning of the gallery title
From now on you decide where exactly on the header image the gallery title or the alternative heading is displayed. You can choose between 9 positions, namely top, bottom, left, right, center and all positions in between.

✅ Brightness of the gallery title
Whether you want to open with a dark or light image as your opener, you can now adjust the font-colour of your gallery title with one click.

✅ Font of the gallery title
Sometimes the squiggly font is just what a photo shoot needs. Another time you need sans-serif straightness. That’s why you can now choose between countless font variations for the gallery title on your header image.

✅ Size of the gallery title
Specify whether your gallery title should be displayed discreetly small, medium or very large.

Improved “Open gallery” button
The button to “open” your gallery at the bottom of your opener is now way nicer and more discreet. At the same time it becomes more noticeable with a little “bounce” if your customers don’t get the idea of scrolling down on their own.

Part 2: The image overview

You can now customize the look and feel of your galleries. From off-white with lots of space between your images to a dark, fast image overview, it’s all there. These are the new settings options:

General color mood of the gallery
Specify whether the background color of your gallery should be light (white), dark (black) or subtly colored. With the subtle coloring, you will achieve slight nuances of the dark and light versions, each allowing you to adjust the overall tone of your gallery to the image content and your personal CI.

Thumbnail size
Through the size of your thumbnails you can control the first impression of your images very precisely. From now on you can choose between the options small (best overview), medium and large (more impressive).

Spacing of thumbnails
Sometimes images need a little more space to “breath” and make a perfect first impression. Therefore, you can now also set the spacing of the thumbnails in the gallery overview. Your new options are: “small”, “medium” and “large”.

Round or square corners
The general appearance of the thumbnails, text fields, buttons, etc. can now be changed between “square” and “subtly rounded”.

More pleasant design of the welcome message text
The welcome message now fits more elegantly into your galleries.

More prominent and more beautiful download button
We finally replaced the old green download button with a more discreet one. At the same time it is much more clearly positioned, which makes it impossible for your clients to miss it.

More prominent button to switch to Edit Mode
The optional button for switching to Edit Mode is now located directly above the images, shines in the new design and can no longer be missed.

Easier & prettier navigation to sub-galleries
The navigation to sub or top galleries can now also be found directly above your images. It’s prettier, easier to understand and impossible to miss.

Part 3: The image view

Basic color mood
Even in the image view, the color setting of your gallery will affect the perception of your images. This creates a unified look and your images come out perfectly.

Beautiful results

In combination, all these new options allow you to create enormous variations in the appearance of your galleries. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples of how different your PicDrop galleries can look in the future. 

Settings & mobile version

Of course you don’t have to set all the above details from scratch every time, but you can save them as usual in your gallery presets. That way, every newly created gallery will automatically start with your new, very personal gallery look. Of course, we also improved the mobile version to include all the new features.

We are not finished, yet!

From now on, we would like to regularly deliver further updates for the Presentation Mode. Most importantly, we want to respond to your feedback. We would be happy if you use the new Presentation Mode and let us know at hello@picdrop.com what you like or what might be missing. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Have fun with the new Presentation Mode!