NEW: even faster downloads

We have always been very proud to offer you super fast uploads and downloads at PicDrop. However, that hasn’t stopped us from taking another step forward with today’s update. Downloading ZIP files of a PicDrop gallery is now even faster. The exact speed advantage of ZIP downloads of whole galleries or selections of images depends on the gallery size, but for most galleries there will be a significant speed advantage, especially when the gallery is downloaded for the first time.

Would you like an example?

For our speed test we take a gallery containing images that add up to about 4.4 GB. We stop the time from clicking the download button until the download is finished and saved to our hard disk. By the way, when you click on the download button, the current gallery content is always zipped live and the download starts. This way we make sure that your ZIP file is always up to date, even if the gallery content changes. For our test we use a realistic environment, a common WiFi connection and a 400Mbit cable modem line. We have tested the download once with the old system and once with our new system. These are the results:

🏎️ Old download system:
5 minutes and 11 seconds

🚀 New download system:
2 minutes and 10 seconds

Nice, isn’t it? And fast. Your clients will be happy to downloads their images even faster with PicDrop.

Have fun with your new download speed!
Your PicDrop Team